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Autumnal leaves

Autumnal leaves

Q. We're planning our autumnal wedding and have decided we're going to have some outdoor shots whatever the weather, but what should we arrange for on the day to make sure we're prepared?

A. Colin Miller says: English weather can be somewhat unpredictable. Here are my top tips for making sure you capture amazing pictures:

❤ Ensure your photographer can work in all conditions.

❤ Be prepared for cold weather. You want to be comfortable in your photos, so make sure you're prepared. Needless to say, a frozen bride won't photograph well!

❤ If the sun is shining, try and take pictures with a dark green, orange or yellow backdrop.

❤ Location is key. Pick a spot that captures the season in all its vibrancy and variety.

❤ It's always a good idea to have a few umbrellas handy.

The little details

The little details

Q. We want a customised service and are thinking of booking a celebrant. Do you have any ideas of how we can make the day more personal?

A. Barny Harrison says: Hiring a celebrant offers complete flexibility when it comes to location and how you celebrate your big day. The service is tailored to you and is the perfect way of representing your personalities.

Your ceremony can include meaningful rituals from any culture, belief or religion and can be inter-faith, intercultural or same-sex. Before booking make sure your chosen supplier is qualified and insured.

The day can take place anywhere you want, such as the end of a pier, in the woods or your own garden. The service can be traditional or modern and there are lots of extras that can also be included from hand-fasting to sand ceremonies. Why not include your loved ones so they too can take part in your dream day?

Lovely in lace

Lovely in lace

Q. I love lace and would like to incorporate it into my dress. Do you have any suggestion

A. Felicity Westmacott says: ❤ Lace is a great way of adding detail and interest to your dress. There are lots of different types, so find a style you adore and make sure it flatters your figure.

❤ Chantilly lace is perfect if you want a head-to-toe look. It's delicate and isn't too over-powering.

❤ A shrug, bolero or lace-edged cape will add coverage and is ideal for cooler evenings or more modest ceremonies.

❤ Most lace comes with a scalloped edge, which can be used to soften the hem or neckline of a dress.

❤ Corded lace sewn on to the skirt or bodice will give your gown a bit of texture and definition.

❤ Illusion bodices are made from skin-tone tulle with chunky guipure lace sewn on. This will create a vintage yet modern feel.

❤ The open and low back gowns can be filled with an all-over-lace or scrolling motifs.

❤ Coloured versions are great if you don't want to wear all white.

❤ Add beads, sequins or diamanté stones.

Dance the night away

Dance the night away

Q. It's always been my dream to perform a wow-factor dance that will impress our guests. I want it to be upbeat and modern. Do you have any suggestions?

A. Emma Brewer says: There are lots of different ways you can create an impressive dance. We've created a number of routines where couples have chosen their favourite song and we have organised the choreography. Keep in mind that simple dances are often more effective and crowd-pleasing.

Choose a current song that will appeal to all generations or a medley. If it was me, I would choose something from Bruno Mars or The Chainsmokers. Remember you both have to love the tune as you'll be hearing it a lot in rehearsals.

Bright and beautiful

Bright and beautiful

Q. I'm set to tie the knot next autumn, and I'd love to include some of the season's most beautiful flowers. Do you have any suggestions?

A. Annabel Grange says: If you're looking for an orange colour palette then some of the best flowers, include sunflowers, vibrant roses, scented freesias, tiny Santini chrysanthemums and not forgetting the seasonal hypericum berries. To add an unusual twist you could also incorporate spiky leucospermum in orange or red.