The power of love

Jasmine and Iain's big day was made all the more memorable with helicopter rides, doughnut towers and fireworks!

Jasmine Ovenden and Iain Harris were school friends where they grew up on the Isle of Wight. After both moving off the island, many years passed before they were in touch again and this is when romance blossomed.

“I was always expecting a proposal whilst we were on holiday at some point,” shares Jasmine. “However, I came home from work one beautifully sunny day and Iain suggested we go out for a drive. He took me to a lovely spot where you could see across London and there was a gorgeous sunset which we watched whilst talking about our days. I had absolutely no idea he was about to ask me to marry him. For the first time in my life I was speechless.”

The big date was 5th August, 2018, and Botleys Mansion, Surrey, set the scene complementing the white, grey and blush colour scheme perfectly.

Here, we find out more about their day...

The power of love: Image 1
We looked at three venues as I had very specific ideas of what I wanted. Botleys Mansion is just stunning, and being exclusive-use meant our friends and family could enjoy the intimate day and also stay overnight.


The power of love: Image 2The centrepieces and flowers for the day were white and blush with a mixture of peonies and roses. They looked and smelt incredible!

The power of love: Image 2b The cake was a Krispy Kreme doughnut tower, which looked and tasted amazing!


The power of love: Image 3
The table names were locations in New York which we had visited on our first holiday together.


The power of love: Image 4I wore a veil which I bought with the dress with lovely crystal detail along the edges. It sparkled in the sun. My favourite accessory were my white satin Louboutin heels. As a big fan of shoes these were a must-have for my wedding day.

The power of love: Image 4b I wore a fit and flare-style crepe dress, Adoration, by a British designer, Diane Harbridge. I saw the dress on Instagram and knew I loved it, but I found it hard choosing between so many styles; I also bought a second dress for the evening! A satin A-line gown by Mia Mia, called Estelle and I'm so glad I did!


The power of love: Image 5
I had two adult bridesmaids who wore a silver/grey satin dress from Ghost. It took us a while to find the right one as they both had different opinions. I also had my little 10-year-old sister as a bridesmaid and she wore a white dress with cute white shoes.


The power of love: Image 6Iain and I looked for the suits together and both agreed that dark blue was a great colour. We matched the groomsmen's ties to the bridesmaids' dresses and the groom had an ivory accessory. They looked very smart on the day!

The power of love: Image 6b We had a band for the evening and they were phenomenal. They are called Karizma and are based in Guildford. We saw them live at a bar and knew we would have them for our wedding. They made the evening so great and enjoyable and our guests we constantly commenting on how brilliant they were.


The power of love: Image 7
We wanted the day to not only be memorable for us both but also for our guests. We had a chocolate fountain, which went down very well, and fireworks – who doesn't enjoy a great display! It was such an amazing show with the most perfect viewing area across the park. It blew us away.


The power of love: Image 8Iain arrived in style in a helicopter – his best man is a pilot – guests were completely unaware as we kept it a secret!

The power of love: Image 8b The fireworks were my favourite part. It was a warm day so everyone moved out to the front of the house and it was just beautiful. To have all of our friends and family to watch such an amazing display after the most perfect day just topped it all off for us.


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