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How to create a fun ceremony

Ceremony Credit: www.gyangurung.comLocal celebrant Helen Noble tells us how to create a fun ceremony.

"Having an independent celebrant will enable you to do anything – that alone is a bit different as no rules apply! You will be free to design your ceremony exactly as you want. The fun thing I love to do is a toast ceremony. This might be a G&T ceremony, or a cocktail, or any tipple you like – I’ve even performed a tea and cider one! It brings everyone together in congratulating you ahead of walking down the aisle together. I make you a drink, we talk about what it symbolises for you, and you raise a glass to each other to wish you a happy marriage from there on in.

"Another fun thing to do is to hide the rings! When I ask for the rings, no one knows who has them (apart from the best man and me). I ask them to all look under their chairs, and the lucky person who finds them has to shout Bingo! It’s silly and leaves everyone grinning and giggling – it’s so much fun.

"Lastly, why not try a sing-along? Whack up the volume, throw in a great tune and the energy skyrockets! I’ve tried and tested a few, and honestly, the feel-good factor is out of this world. The Carpenter’s On Top of the World is one you can’t help but grin ear to ear with, and another more modern one is Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. Of course, what you pick will reflect who you are as a couple and what your values are."

To find out more about Helen, visit www.helen-noble.co.uk

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