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How to capture creative night time photographs

Bride and groom dancing Credit: www.irockvisuals.comQ – I’m worried about it being too dark at our wedding to take photographs. How can we capture creative night time shots?

"Don’t let the longer and darker nights deter you from booking an autumn or winter wedding. It’s very popular for venues to host twilight nuptials during these months, which cater specifically for these types of celebrations.

"Your photographer should discuss the types of shots they will be able to capture during the darker months. Always check out their website or portfolio for evidence of their artistry before booking.

"I always try to make my shots different and creative. Night time shots make for fantastic shadows with an element of romance about them. I use extra lighting to create a glow effect and try and take advantage of any twinkly lights. Capturing worthy shots does come with experience, so make sure your photographer is up to the challenge."

Eray Kaya 

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