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Real Weddings: You're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat!

You're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat!

Matt and Sophie have a shared love of music and had been going to the same concerts for most of their adolescent years without meeting. "When we were both in our twenties a mutual friend introduced us, and we've been inseparable since!" says Sophie. "We both have lots of things in common, our love of music, craft beer and films. On our first date we both realised we had a passion for the movie Jaws!" she says. The duo had always talked about getting married, but it was on Sophie's birthday that Matt popped the question. "I'd asked for a jewellery box for my birthday that I'd had my eye on, which Matt gave me. I opened it, said thank you and moved on to the next gift to unwrap," Sophie explains. "Matt then told me to open the jewellery box and he'd placed my Tiffany's engagement ring inside with a little post it note saying 'To Do: Marry Matt?'," she says. "We celebrated by meeting our best friend in Kingston (and subsequent Best Man and Creative Director), and went to O'Neill's to drink Guinness and eat pizza!"


Real Weddings: I Couldn't Come To Italy And Not Do This...

I Couldn't Come To Italy And Not Do This...

Ayesha and Oscar met online and it was obviously meant to be because Ayesha was the first person that Oscar matched with! "Once we met in person, it was clear very early on that we shared the same values and thoughts on family, partnership and what we were looking for," says Ayesha. "He made me laugh, and feel safe and accepted so we were drawn to each other from the start. So much so that we decided I'd move in with him at the start of the first lockdown and we haven't looked back since," she says.


Real Weddings: Sealed With A Kiss

Sealed With A Kiss

Fran and Tommy met in the Terrace Bar in Wimbledon on New Year's Eve 2014. "Tommy's friend Mark asked if he could use our table for their drinks. Tommy got chatting to my best friend Helena and I got talking to Mark," says Fran. "Midnight struck and everyone kissed. Later Tommy approached me, we got chatting and the rest was history," she says. They went on to enjoy multiple dates and then Tommy made it official by asking Fran to be his girlfriend.


Real Weddings: Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is

Megan and Sam met at a wedding; Sam's brother Oli happened to be marrying Megan's best friend Steph he was the best man she the bridesmaid – and the rest is history! "When Sam proposed, it was a complete surprise," shares Megan. "Our relationship had progressed quickly, we took my family dog Henry on a walk to The Haycutter pub, in Broadham Green, Surrey. Walking across the field I was walking slightly ahead and turned round to find Sam down on one knee! Rachel Thornhill, who was to be our wedding photographer, was hiding in the bushes and captured the whole thing!


Real Weddings: Love at first swipe

Love at first swipe

Georgia and Taylor met online and planned their first date at a bar in London. They clicked right away, and it didn't take them long to realise they were meant to be together. Taylor proposed during a family holiday to Lanzarote. "We went away to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday," says Georgia. "It was really unexpected, so when he asked me to marry him by the sea with all of my family present, I was in complete shock!"


Real Weddings: Enchanted romance

Enchanted romance

Amanda and Mark started talking online. "To this day, we still don't know who swiped first," laughs Amanda. "Our relationship blossomed, and Mark asked me to be his wife in 2018 while we were in Egypt on an island called Mahmya. I had no idea that he was going to propose, and the whole trip was paradise."


Real Weddings: Drink it all in

Drink it all in

Orlane and Adam met through a dating website in 2018. "I'm not sure how we matched as I lived in London and he was in Dorking, but I think it was a sign that we were meant to be," says Orlane. "We went crazy golfing and had dinner in London, which was the best date ever. Adam and I texted for two months before we met, and we would send massive messages to each other and never get bored of talking. I found out later through his family that he is usually bad at replying to people!"


Real Weddings: Country loving

Country loving

Lisa and Jamie first laid eyes on each other at work. "Jamie took over my role when I went on a sabbatical to go travelling," says Lisa. "When I returned, we were working in the same team. We got on well and had the same sense of humour and interests. It did take a while for us to eventually pluck up the courage to admit we liked each other more than friends. Jamie asked me to go to the pub for our first date in the same village where we would have our wedding reception eight years later."


Real Weddings: Timeless elegance

Timeless elegance

Georgie and Lloyd first met and dated when they were teenagers. "We lost touch and didn't see each other for 13 years," says Georgie. "We have a mutual best friend whose family member passed away, and Lloyd contacted me to see if I'd heard the news. We met up after that and immediately started where we left off. He is one of the most caring and loving people I've ever met. He is an amazing dad to his children too."

"Lloyd surprised me with a night away at Beaverbrook in Leatherhead," shares the bride. "To put me off the scent, he spent the weeks before saying we couldn't get married until we'd bought our house, so when he got down on one knee, I was in shock! I cried my eyes out, and we were so happy."


Real Weddings: Floral wonders

Floral wonders

Emily and Matt met at university. "The first time we spoke was in the library," says Emily. "We were introduced by mutual friends and chatted a little. When I got home, he sent me a Facebook message telling me he thought I was really beautiful. Turns out, he didn't think I'd respond, but we started dating and have been together ever since." Matt proposed to Emily in August 2019.


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