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Real weddings and wedding ideas

See how other local couples celebrated their big day with wedding stories and ideas from Your Surrey Wedding Real Weddings features.

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The light of my life

Chelsea and Ryan met at a family wedding. "In the evening, we both had a bit too much drink and kissed on the dancefloor in front of everyone," says Chelsea. "My dad came in between us, and the rest is history!"

Ryan popped the question at the Yosemite National Park in California. "We went on a road trip back in 2018," shares the bride. "Ryan insisted we visit the park, so we spent a couple of days there. We parked at the bottom of a mountain for a picnic. We walked up to the top, which was scary as we had to watch out for bears because of our food!... read more

Our little big day

Jasmine and Stephen met through a mutual friend on a night out in Croydon. "It was far from love at first sight," says Jasmine. "In fact, Stephen thought I was a bit stuck up, and to be honest, I don't think I said two words to him that night, so it's no wonder his first impression wasn't a great one! We met again on New Year's Eve the following month, and again, there was no love story. We went out as part of a large group in Bournemouth and barely remembered saying hello or goodbye to each other. Less than a month later, we ended up on another night out together. I had dyed my hair back to brunette, which apparently made me Stephen's type. He spent most of the night trying to figure out how to make his move. We finally exchanged numbers and had our first date a week later, and the rest is history!"... read more

Sweet romance

Charlotte and Ben first laid eyes on each other at sixth form in 2009. "We met properly when volunteering with Handicapped Children's Pilgrimage Trust on a trip to Lourdes," says Charlotte. "We went from only having said a few words to each other to a couple during our week trip to France." Ben popped the question at Charlotte's master's graduation in 2016. "We'd spent the whole day celebrating, and I was about to return my gown when he insisted we visit a spot for another photo," shares the bride. "Little did I know he was actually going to propose. My family knew and recorded the whole thing."... read more

I would do anything for love

Paileen and Michael met through a mutual friend. "We got to know each other, and I was really attracted to his ability to make everyone laugh and his caring nature," says Paileen. "I had a feeling that he was interested in a relationship but wouldn't make the first move, so I took the plunge and asked him out to dinner where we officially became a couple."... read more

All I need is you

Penny-Jane and Samuel started messaging each other on a dating app in 2016. "We spoke constantly for around two weeks before meeting for our first date," says Penny-Jane. "We went to Covent Garden in London and hit it off straight away." Samuel asked Penny-Jane to be his wife in Las Vegas. "I surprised him by booking the trip as a Christmas present in 2018," shares the bride. "On the evening of our third anniversary, we were in a special restaurant when he proposed. It was a complete surprise, and we couldn't have been happier."... read more

Tiffany and Tom: Once upon a time

Tiffany and Tom met on a cold night in October 2003. "We first laid eyes on each other in a nightclub in Reading," says Tiffany. "Tom could see I was freezing while waiting to get served at the bar and offered me his jacket. A few drinks later and the rest is history! The weeks following were filled with romantic dates that Tom chose so thoughtfully. We realised we had so much in common and that our fields of work even overlapped. It didn't take Tom long to make it official, and by Christmas, we were a couple very much in love. The next few years were filled with so many exciting memories, including moving into our first flat, visiting Switzerland, travelling South East Asia, buying our first house and getting our first dog. It became abundantly clear early on that this was the real deal."... read more

Ruth and Richard: The one for me

Ruth and Richard met at work. "He was my duty manager, and I worked in the kitchen," says Ruth. "We both love food, and my mastery of the bacon, egg and sausage butty must have swayed him towards me." Richard popped the question during a romantic evening at home. "We were watching a live Meatloaf concert in the living room while snuggling on the sofa," shares the bride.... read more

Nothing can keep us apart

Anna and Craig began talking on a dating app. "Just after we met, Craig went away with the army to Sierra Leone," says Anna. "He forgot to tell me that he was going into the jungle and would have no means of messaging me, so after a few months of thinking he'd ghosted me, he reappeared, and we started talking again. On his return he invited me to a formal dinner at his regiment, however, he forgot to say that the dinner was being held in Norfolk, which was three hours away! Upon discovering this critical piece of information, I insisted we went on a date before the dinner and that he met my parents so I could put them at ease.... read more

Love is all around

Sophie and Abel tied the knot surrounded by their friends and family in a romantic ceremony at their local church. Sophie and Abel met at work. "Abel had the cheek to ask my boss to set us up on a date," says Sophie. "My boss suggested I go for a drink with him as I was new to the role. I thought he was really fun and attractive and we've been together ever since."... read more

Late summer glow with Sophie and Andrew

Soft neutral and blush shades set the tone for Sophie and Andrew's romantic wedding. Friendship blossomed into romance for Sophie and Andrew. They shared similar interests and hobbies and were close workmates for a long time before they actually started dating. "We made each other laugh and have always been a great support for each other," says Sophie. They were together for nearly two years before getting engaged. Andrew popped the question while they were on holiday in Mauritius over an incredibly romantic private dinner underneath the stars at the end of a beach jetty. "I was completely overwhelmed and Andrew was delighted not to have dropped the ring through the slats of the jetty into the sea," laughs Sophie.... read more

The one for me

Charlotte and Jason celebrated their love for one another with a grand celebration at Botleys Mansion. Charlotte and Jason met online in 2015. "Jay plucked up the courage and messaged me asking me out on a date," says Charlotte. "When we finally met I thought he was a kind, caring and genuine guy."... read more

A ray of sunshine

Sharika and Leslie had a Sicily-themed celebration at Warren House. Sharika and Leslie met through work. "Leslie was designing books, and I was the project manager," says Sharika. "We always had a great time talking to each other, and the time would fly by. When one of our mutual friends didn't turn up for an evening get-together, and it was too late for either of us to cancel, we met up and gradually became closer. It surprised us both when we are realised we might be becoming something more. During one of our meetings, we kissed, and things went from there."Leslie popped the question during a holiday to Sicily in 2017. "We had talked about getting married and had even spent one afternoon looking at rings, but I still didn't expect the proposal," shares the bride. "We were visiting Punta Secca where Inspector Montalbano was filmed when he asked me. The ring came in a giant box, so Leslie had wrapped it in foam and lots of sellotape. He was struggling to get the tape off and had to use his teeth. I still didn't believe he was being serious until I saw the ring gleam in the sun. He'd designed it himself and had it made by a man called Vincent Loveland. Now every time we watch Inspector Montalbano, we point to the place where he proposed."... read more

Sail away with me

Rachel and James' wedding took place at Mercure Box Hill Burford Bridge Hotel. Rachel and James met in Southampton. "We were introduced by mutual sailing friends," says Rachel. "He was tall and handsome, and we shared lots of the same hobbies." James popped the question in the New Forest in 2016. "We went for a walk near Buckler's Hard," shares the bride. "It was witnessed by our daughter, who was a newborn and was oblivious to it all. We enjoyed a special celebratory meal and a drink afterwards at Lime Wood."... read more

Pretty in pink for Jade and Kyle

Pretty in pink: Jade and Kyle's gorgeous nuptials took place at Brooklands Hotel. Jade and Kyle were childhood sweethearts. "We met in high school," says Jade. "I was 15 and Kyle was 14. We fell madly in love and have been together ever since."Kyle proposed on their six-year anniversary. "We were at Bognor Regis Beach," shares the bride. "It's one of our favourite places, and the proposal was a massive surprise." Here she shares some of her favourite moments from their big day...... read more

A splash of colour

Rebecca and Stuart tied the knot with a vibrant wedding at Twickenham Rowing Club. Rebecca and Stuart were close friends until their relationship slowly grew into something more. "We met at work," says Rebecca. "We got on really well and just clicked."Stuart popped the question during a day trip to London. "We walked along the South Bank and had a drink outside the Royal Festival Hall," shares the bride. "We were enjoying ourselves when he asked me to marry him. It was the biggest and best surprise ever."... read more

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