What first dance songs are popular in 2022?

Couple dancing Credit: www.andy-matheson.comWe’re trying to think of a song for our first dance but feel overwhelmed. What songs will be popular in 2022?

"After providing dance lessons to more than 2,000 couples across 20 years, we get asked this question a lot. Our advice is simple, pick a tune that means something to you. Be mindful that you will be hearing it a lot as you prepare for your wedding.

"So what should you pick? Think about the words and how they make you feel. Do you want romantic, upbeat, slow, fast, happy, quirky, a tear-jerker or fun? Is there a song from your courting days that means something to you both? Is there a melody that you both love to dance to whenever you hear it?

"The genre is huge for wedding dances, and we encourage you to choose a track you actually like. This year we have seen a combination of traditional songs, including Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud, but also some lovely French options.

"Your venue, outfits, catering and style are special to you, so your first dance should reflect that."

To find out more, visit www.firstdancestudios.co.uk

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