My name is Eray Kaya and I was born in 1983 in the small village of Artvin in the North East of Turkey. With its rugged, natural beauty and amazing mountainous landscapes, this is the place that inspired me to appreciate pure nature.

Later, we moved to the huge city of Bursa where I discovered my passion for dance. Through dance I learned discipline, the art of movement and how to express myself. This is where my creativity and artistic influence stems from! I was lucky enough in Turkey, through my 20 (plus) years of dance (until today) to star in television commercials, TV shows and competitions. My slice of fame during my younger years.

Meeting my wife, and then moving to England in 2005 allowed me to travel and experience new cultures. Capturing these images through photography has given me another outlet to express my creative side and passion.

Throughout my life I’ve always appreciated beautiful photos and pictures and after taking numerous shots for family and friends they strongly recommended me to turn professional. So, after lots of studying, here I am today. I don’t just capture a subject, I capture how it makes me feel. I love the ‘natural’ shot that speaks a thousand words.

Please check out my work and always feel free to get in touch with me using Facebook, Instagram or the contact page on my website.

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.



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