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Local photographer, Mathew Brown, reveals his top tips for posing on your big day

Local photographer, Matthew Brown, reveals his top tips for posing on your big day: Image 1 Credit: www.mathewbrown.ukWe spoke to local photographer Mathew Brown and asked how you can pose for your big-day photographs.

"Every bride-and-groom needs to feel exceptionally comfortable, and emotionally at ease being around a photographer. I would suggest you meet many photographers over coffee, perhaps somewhere neutral - to help understand how they behave, respond, and interact with you both in an informal setting.

"Clearly, both bride and groom will feel different anxieties over wedding photography (possibly for different reasons), and when multiplied with the stresses of the wedding day itself, you really don't need additional stress.

"After your meetings (yes, meet as many photographers as you can), you will be able to review and discuss with your partner how comfortable you both felt in their presence, and if you could imagine such a person sharing your intimate family moment. After all, you will be sharing your most personal day with this stranger.

"Feeling relaxed, yet confident in front of your photographer is a large part of this reviewing process. This is where you should also broach the subject of feeling slightly uncomfortable when posing. Personally, I would suggest discussing the available options of minimising the need for posing (personal opinion), and opt for a reportage style (documentary) approach to your day. 

"This typically involves the photographer minimising their presence, affording you both the opportunity to relax (i.e. their presence isn't intimidating) where they have minimal physical impact on your day. 

"It's my opinion that a photographer should not be in the way, and their presence should go as unnoticed as possible. You and your guests are there to enjoy this special day, whilst the photographer is there to capture it - not be a part of it.

"Clearly, there will be friends and family that demand to stand next to you both for that obligatory 'say-cheese' pose, but with regards to capturing the day - you should not compromise on what you want, and what you feel is right At a very minimum, you should be free to suggest a walk within the grounds to take a moment with just you and your partner. 

"Go for a walk and ask the photographer to be present, ideally be there to 'lurk' but not get in the way. And if the mood strikes, or the setting feels right, call them from out of the bushes and have the confidence to ask them to capture the photos you want."

Check out www.mathewbrown.uk for more.

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