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Ginger Ray reveals how you can decorate your wedding based on your star sign

Ginger Ray has teamed up with an astrologer to reveal how you can decorate your wedding based on your star sign Ginger Ray, based in Weybridge, has teamed up with astrologer Lisa Stardust to reveal how you can decorate your wedding based on your star sign. “Aries are known for their passionate nature, which is why they’ll go for a white wedding dress with red flowers and décor to showcase their desirable nature,” says Lisa. “Being that Tauruses are so connected with the earth, they will prefer a botanical wedding that surrounds them with nature, flowers and open skies. Geminis like to set a light and airy vibe with an all-white colour scheme. The Cancer sign is all about inner glam vibes and has an old fashioned, vintage look with champagne flutes, ice sculptures and top hats. Leos love to make an entrance with big flowing dresses with metallic sequins sporadically spread all over for effect with a plunging back or neckline. Virgos are effortlessly cool, and a rustic vineyard that seats everyone outdoors on a communal table with free-flowing wine, great conversation, amazing food and classic music is the perfect wedding for a Libra. Scorpio season occurs at the same time as Halloween, so they will be drawn to a spookier affair. The Sagittarius are known for their adventurous and outgoing nature, which is why they’ll throw a huge party in a foreign place. Being that Capricorn is the first sign of the winter season, they will have an intimate wedding surrounded by a small group of friends and family while it’s snowing outside. Aquarians are laid back and will choose a bright coloured slip dress in lush fabrics, wear a crown of daisies in their hair, and opt to go barefoot to their wedding. Pisces are dreamers by nature, which is why they adore fairytale weddings with lace wedding dresses with feathers or rhinestone accents.”

To find out more, visit www.gingerray.co.uk

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