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Hannah Bain Photography launched her professional services last year

Couple in front of telephone box Credit: www.hannahbainphotography.comHannah Bain Photography launched her professional services last year. We spoke to Hannah to find out more about her company: "I'm a designer by day, and photography has always been a hobby and passion of mine. It all started when I was a schoolgirl, and I learned the art of developing film and being able to manipulate light and shutter speed with an SLR. I loved art but photography just felt like magic to me. I loved that you could capture the moment there and then and would often sit for ages looking through photo books and albums piecing together stories of families. Through the years my cameras have changed and the developing tools have changed, but the fundamental foundations of photography have always stayed the same.

"A keen traveller through my 20's I found photography was a great outlet for me to capture the beauty I was seeing and be able to share it with my friends and family back home. The more I would share the more I wanted to craft my skill and try to create pictures that I would want to put up on the wall.
"I started to become interested in wedding photography after taking pictures at my friend's weddings but mainly after getting married myself. I realised how important it is to have your special day captured by someone who you would trust and get along with because they are going to be with you for most of this incredible day. I actually found my photographer years before as she photographed my sister's wedding, so I knew I had to have her again on my big day.

"I genuinely love weddings. I love the whole atmosphere, I love watching the brides shining and the grooms well up. I think it is such a happy and joyous day, and really such a remarkable thing for a couple to do in front of their closest friends and family. So being a photographer at a wedding, you know that you have to both make the couple feel at ease whilst playing the vital role of capturing everything, so they are able to look back on a day that just feels like it goes too quickly.

"When I’m not behind the camera, I’m either working my other job as a product designer (which I love) or I'm hanging out with my husband, son, and our little dog Edith who all mean the world to me. I am based in London but have lived all over the world in the past which has helped shape how I see everything and open me up to other cultures."

To find out more about Hannah, visit www.hannahbainphotography.com

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