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How to care for your hair in the run-up to the wedding

Bride Q – How can I care for my hair in the run-up to my wedding to ensure I look fabulous on the day?

"Unsurprisingly, our hair needs the same care and attention as our skin does. It’s not a lover of cold winter days or excessive sun exposure. Adding serums and oils to your everyday routine is key to keeping your locks healthy no matter the season. Washing it too much can damage it, so depending on your hair type, twice a week should be enough. Avoid styling it to help improve its condition, and leave-in conditioners are a must.

"Nutrition and hydration should be included in our daily routine, and reconstruction with protein replacements are needed if your tresses are overly damaged.

"As soon as you have a date for your wedding, you should start thinking about the condition of your hair. Avoid washing it with hot water, keep it hydrated overnight by applying a serum, eat foods that are rich in natural oils, minerals and vitamins, and most importantly, cut down on the heat. Follow these simple but important steps, and your locks will thank you for it."

Lucia Penman
Hair and make-up artist

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