How to write your own wedding vows

Ceremony set up Credit: www.shanewebber.comQ – We want to write our wedding vows. Can you offer us any tips?

"Writing your own vows can be daunting, but if you follow some simple guidelines, then it can be the emotional highlight of your ceremony. It’s important to discuss your vows with your partner before you start composing them, so you can agree how long they should be, whether you would like them to include humour or to be traditionally sentimental.

"Remember to be yourself. If you’re a romantic person, then this is the time to be as affectionate as you wish, and don’t forget to tell your partner what you love most about them.

"Read your vows out loud a few times before the day to ensure you’re very familiar with them, as you may be nervous on the day.

"Finally, keep your vows secret from your partner until you’re declaring them at the ceremony. This will heighten the emotion and love felt by both of you and your family and friends."

Tony Dunne

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