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How to get perfect wedding photographs in any weather

Couple embracing in the fog Credit: www.denisewinterphotography.co.ukQ – My wife-to-be and I are having a December wedding and are worried the weather might ruin our photographs. How can we capture stunning pictures whatever the weather?

"I can completely understand your concerns, but try not to worry too much. Winter weddings can be fabulous! Think of a dusting of snow, glistening frost on the trees, atmospheric fog and beautiful golden hours, which happen far earlier in the winter and look even more beautiful when you’re tightly wrapped up in your partner’s arms.

"Even rain, as long as it’s not torrential, can be romantic when snuggled under umbrellas. The other plus point is most wedding venues have their Christmas decorations out by the end of November, so you’ll have the twinkle of fairylights or candlelight glistening in the background.

"Lots of photographers also carry off-camera lighting that can be used to create magical outside evening scenes. If you’re worried, chat through your concerns with your supplier, I’m sure they’ll be able to share their experiences and some ideas from previous weddings."

Denise Winter 

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