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The role of a celebrant

Couple saying their vows Credit: www.hiroartsphotography.comWe’ve just started wedding planning, and I’m slightly confused about what a celebrant does! Can you help?

"It’s not uncommon to feel confused when planning a wedding as there are so many choices. The main part of the day should be the ceremony, without it you would just be having a big party. There are several options available when it comes to your service if a religious venue isn’t for you. A registrar, for example, will marry you in a licensed venue, but the ceremony is very prescriptive and doesn’t allow much opportunity for personalisation, and any content you wish to add is heavily restricted. This can prevent including elements from your culture which may be important to you or your family as any religious content is not allowed. This is where a celebrant comes in. With an independent celebrant you can get married anywhere (obviously permission is needed from the owner), including a forest, a theatre or onboard a plane.

'Your supplier will make the ceremony more personal and tailored to you and will be able to include any religious content. You can also include rituals, friends and family into your vows or even include your pet. There is much more freedom to make the ceremony about you.

"A celebrant ceremony isn’t legally binding, however, so you would be required to go to your local registry office to officially get married, but this is a small price to pay for the ceremony of your dreams.'

Rebecca Douglas 

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