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Perfect Promises

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Would you like your wedding ceremony to really be the heart of your day, and not just something to ‘get out of the way’?

Would you like your wedding ceremony to be traditional but also modern; sentimental but not cringe-worthy; classic but not stuffy; formal without the formality?

If this sounds like you, then let me create your individual ceremony, which will be full of warmth, love and good humour, and will help to make lasting memories of your big day.


RD Ceremonies

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Welcome to RD Ceremonies.

First of all, congratulations on your engagement. This is such a wonderfully exciting time for you both.

As a true romantic, I love a wedding and I think the ceremony should be treated as one of the most important parts of the day, rather than a formality.


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Helen Noble explains what a celebrants role is

The ceremony is the heart of the day, and a celebrant will set the vibe, tone and energy for the rest of your nuptials. A celebrant-led ceremony allows you to make it personalised, heartfelt, silly or fun. We bring your vision to life. We can weave your words and songs into a tailormade one-of-a-kind service. There are no rules, regulations or limits to what you can and can't include. Your supplier will explore what you're about as a couple. What your hopes and aspirations are, so you can begin married life feeling happy and excited about your future."... read more

Posted: 15 December 2021

How to find the perfect celebrant

"To ensure you get the celebration you both want it's important to find a supplier that shares the same values as you. There are several ways to find a supplier, for example, search engines, wedding magazines, websites or The Celebrant Directory. I advise reading bios and visiting the websites of those you like so you get a feel for their style and how they work with couples. Each celebrant will differ in how they work or the style in which they conduct the ceremony. Some offer specialities such as rituals, outdoor weddings or a particular theme. Once you've looked at enough websites, organise a call with your top three and see who you click with best. It's important to have a good rapport with your supplier so you can be open with them."... read more

Posted: 1 December 2021

How to write your own wedding vows

"Writing your own vows can be daunting, but if you follow some simple guidelines, then it can be the emotional highlight of your ceremony. It's important to discuss your vows with your partner before you start composing them, so you can agree how long they should be, whether you would like them to include humour or to be traditionally sentimental. Remember to be yourself. If you're a romantic person, then this is the time to be as affectionate as you wish, and don't forget to tell your partner what you love most about them."... read more

Posted: 10 November 2021

The rise of humanist weddings

Neil Dutta at Angelic Diamonds, a UK wedding jewellery specialist, explores why humanist weddings have seen an increase in popularity in recent years. With official guidance looking to change in the not too distant future, giving celebrants more legal power to actually marry couples - removing the need for a pre- or post-blessing registry office date - here at County Wedding Magazine HQ we think this is a trend that will continue to soar.
Neil continues....... read more

Posted: 5 November 2021

RD Ceremonies is a new celebrant based in Surrey

I have always loved weddings, even as a little girl. There is a photograph of me, age two, looking longingly at a bride, and I could turn anything into a veil or wedding gown when playing dress-up. However, it would be a while before I became a bride and even longer before I chased my dream of working in the wedding industry. Friends and family often told me I should become a celebrant when hearing me give readings at weddings. This started playing on my mind, but the timing was never right. I knew I had the skills, I trained as an actress so I am confident speaking in front of people, I've worked as a PA in the city so I am very organised and, until recently, worked as a primary school teacher so I am open, approachable and empathetic. These qualities would help me in this role, but my passion for weddings, helping people and putting on a good show eventually encouraged me to start my own celebrant business.... read more

Posted: 19 August 2021

How to create a fun ceremony

Having an independent celebrant will enable you to do anything – that alone is a bit different as no rules apply! You will be free to design your ceremony exactly as you want. The fun thing I love to do is a toast ceremony. This might be a G&T ceremony, or a cocktail, or any tipple you like – I've even performed a tea and cider one! It brings everyone together in congratulating you ahead of walking down the aisle together. I make you a drink, we talk about what it symbolises for you, and you raise a glass to each other to wish you a happy marriage from there on in.... read more

Posted: 21 July 2021

How to find the perfect celebrant for your big day

It's a fantastic choice to have a celebrant as it means you're able to create and bring your style to the heart of the day. The ceremony is the reason everyone is there, so it's important to choose the right supplier. There will be a celebrant out there to suit everyone, so work out your style, energy or vibe. What feeling do you get from them? What's their energy? Do you like their style? Will they come to your chosen venue? What is your biggest worry about the ceremony, and do you feel that they could resolve that issue for you? Do your other suppliers know them? Even though the wedding industry is huge, the networking is incredible, and if a celebrant is being supported by other suppliers, that's always a good sign.... read more

Posted: 2 June 2021

Why you should hire a celebrant for your big day

The beauty and advantage of a celebrant-led wedding can be seen when this opportunity is truly utilised. A celebrant is your supplier. You choose them. People often don't realise you can choose the person to stand up with you on one of the most pivotal moments in your life. A celebrant is not a stranger in the room. You have hand-picked them to suit your style, vibe, partnership and feel of the day. There is a supplier out there to suit everyone. We are creative, romantic wordsmiths and will bring so much to the table that the hard part will be working out what not to use!... read more

Posted: 17 March 2021

Helen Noble from the Celebrant of Surrey tells us how you can plan an intimate celebration

Small but mighty is the way to approach a micro and intimate wedding. Think of it as an upgrade. By having an intimate celebration, you can enhance the experience. Everyone will get the best view of you declaring your love for each other, and you can really feel the support and love in the room. The ceremony is the epicentre of the day, and your stylist and florist will be able to enhance the space. Whether you choose a copper frame, moon gate or balloon arch, your suppliers will want to make your day super special and look amazing. If you place the chairs at your service in a horseshoe shape rather than in straight rows, it will create a more intimate feeling.... read more

Posted: 3 February 2021

We talk to celebrant, Helen Noble about incorporating your beloved dog into your wedding

All your loved ones are invited to your wedding ceremony, and that surely includes your beloved hound doesn't it? Nope - not if you haven't planned for it. So many of my couples this year, last year and in the past years have been so upset to find out that their dog is not allowed to their day. That is until they talk to me! It's the 'legal part' that they are not allowed to: that's the 'marriage' part, not the wedding! If you want to have your pouch there to make your day perfect, then you need me in your life! I can help make it happen for you. I will give you a wedding that your dog, with their flower crown or ring bearing cushion, can play a part it. We will find a way to make it happen! Embrace the cute factor and make sure all your loved ones are there - human or canine!... read more

Posted: 26 January 2021