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Hot topic: Original weddings

Our experts advice on how to keep your wedding original and personal

The first dance

The first dance

Q. How can I make my first dance original?

A. Emma Brewer says: I have had a number of “original” first dance choices this year; ranging from medleys to a zombie-inspired dance – yes really!

It's hard to be completely original but I think the music has a lot to do with it. Try and think about what you both absolutely love listening to, what means something to you and what you think your guests will love too. A medley works well if you want entertainment value; you can start slow, and then put in any crazy stuff you want, taking your guests by surprise! However, it's good to get some choreographic help on these ones, you can even add props!

The photo shows one of my favourite medleys that I've choreographed this year. Damien and Helen started with Toto Africa, lovely and slow, and then it went on to Sean Paul and Blu Cantrell Breathe, the sunglasses came out and they sang it to each other, and it finished with Rihanna We Found Love, with reference to the cricket club where they met.

For the end of the Rihanna track, the guests joined them on the dancefloor and the party really started. A brilliant first dance that meant a lot to them and the guests raved about it!

The big-day bake

The big-day bake

Q. How can we make our cake personal to us?

A. Elsa Laima says: A wedding cake can be personalised to suit each couple, whether it's a love for comics, Lego or other childhood memories, all can be incorporated into the cake in different ways. Characters can be hand-painted, made of fondant or actual Lego/ figurine characters can be used for cake toppers.

Another fun way to personalise a cake is through the different flavours of each tier, perhaps selecting the bride or groom's favourite. It doesn't change the price yet gives guests something extra special by offering a choice of flavours to pick from.

Music choices

Q. Can you recommend a song which we can use on our big day to best represent the both of us?

A. Dennis Elvie says: I think perhaps the best song which would show the personalities of both the bride and groom is, Take Me As I Am by Faith Hill. Marriage is about accepting each other's good and bad characteristics as reflected in the lyrics:
All I really need is honesty,
From someone with a strong heart,
A gentle hand,
Who'll take me as I am,

Hair today, modern tomorrow

Hair today, modern tomorrow

Q. I really want to have a different and unique hair style on my wedding day. What can you suggest?

A. Teresa Weller says: It's so important as a bride to feel you've made it your own wedding and to be original. I feel the theme really surrounds the dress; for instance, my wedding dress had a very forties-vibe so I felt my hair should be up with some waves to give it a Hollywood movie star feel – my groom wore black tie which we felt fitted our venue, Wotton House.

With a bride who wants to be different I'd suggest hair pieces, or even a change in colour tones. Real hair pieces can be worked on prior to the wedding and added in on the day to create different textures and can also be coloured. Perhaps a subtle baby pink weaved through? It would add a really soft, yet stunning dimension to the hair and will catch the light especially if plaited or curled.

The longer the hair the better really, moodboards and Pintrest are fab for research, but as everyone's hair is different, a bride's style will always be unique to her on the day especially with the right wedding stylist.

The wedding rings

The wedding rings

Q. We like the idea of having alternative wedding bands. Can you suggest a style for us?

A. Julie Gates says: Your wedding bands are the perfect way to show your personalities, especially as they will last a lifetime. In our 25 years of making rings we have made: Celtic designs, Viking runes, Roman numerals, word rings, 3D skulls, spider monkeys with diamonds in their eyes, tyre tread prints, bicycle chains, snake skin effect, dolphins, fish scales, golf clubs, dragons, nut rings, bears, a couples heart beats, gear cogs, cannons, hammers, symbols, tattoos, elvish, klingon, musical notes, swans, family crests, longitude and latitude as well as many others – if it can be drawn we can put it on a ring!

Picture-perfect photography

Picture-perfect photography

Q. How can our wedding photography reflect our own originality?

A. Katarina Nichol says: I believe every single person is original and your wedding photography should reflect that. It's the same as your wedding dress, you really need to love your photographer's style, it will be the reminder of your special day for the rest of your life.

I'm always interested in where my clients met for the first time, if they have any common place or hobby they really love. I also look at personalities, are they a romantic soul? If so I add a romantic touch to their photographs. Are they modern and contemporary? I'll take industrial-type of photographs, or some people are minimalist and would love quirky snaps.

So, it's important for me to highlight my clients' personalities and make them feel comfortable and special so they will be proud of their wedding photographs and will still love them in years to come your personality is always timeless!