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Saturday Night's Alright

Saturday Night's Alright

Q What is your advice on taking the first steps in wedding planning?
A Kevin Clay says: When it comes to entertainment, whoever it is you have your interest set on, hopefully you've seen them perform first! If you love them, book early as the best acts get booked up quickly.

See what sort of set list they have, my personal recommendation is that they need to be to perform something for everyone spanning all ages. For example, if I'm booked for my act as Party Man, the live music is created to suit everyone's tastes, allowing them to have a great, fun time on the dancefloor. Remember, you might have ages present from children to grandparents, so a large melting pot of different genres is what's needed.

Have your entertainment set up before your reception starts, so that it all looks great before the celebrations start. Keep an open mind too. Timings for the day can often run over, so try not to over schedule. Things rarely go according to plan, and this is fine. If it happens, relax, enjoy your moment. Weddings always sort themselves out throughout the course of the day. It's going to be great!

Kevin Clay, Elite Elton

Beautiful music

Beautiful music

Q My wife-to-be and I would love some live music at our drinks reception, but don't want anything too intrusive as guests will want to chat and catch up. What would you suggest?
A Mark Levin says: Live music can bring a fantastic quality to a drinks reception and set the tone for the day. Any wedding pro will understand that what they play will be required to be in the background. This means that the volume and tone should be at a level that still allows for guests to chat and mingle easily, whilst enriching the atmosphere.

I always have a discreet amp with me when playing at drink receptions, which allows me to adapt the volume to the space, and move the volume up and down as required during the set so it is always at an adequate level.

Music can be a great ice breaker to help get guests chatting, especially as mingling at big events can be intimidating for some people. Even if some guests aren't seemingly paying much attention whilst chatting, they always notice the drop in atmosphere when the music stops.

Mark Levin, Wedding Harpist Mark

Boogie all night long

Boogie all night long

Q We're looking for a fun band for our upcoming wedding. What questions should we ask before booking to ensure they're the perfect supplier for us?
A Tom Wyman says: Choosing the right band for your wedding can make or break the day. Here are our top tips for booking the perfect supplier for your big day:

Set amount and length – The standard set length in the industry is 2x60 minutes but watch out as some will only provide 2x45 minute sets. Ask about flexibility on set length, as 2x60 min could also be 3x40min, whatever works best for your evening.

Repertoire – Make sure that the band you book has a repertoire that suits your tastes. How flexible is the setlist? Do they pre-arrange requests? Can the first dance be played live?

In between sets – What happens when they aren't playing? For example, we provide a Spotify playlist that can be upgraded to a full DJ package in between and after the band is finished.

Promo videos/live footage – Make sure you're getting the same performers you've seen in the promo videos! Illness can't be helped, but it's important that you get the same supplier you've booked. Also, have a look at the live footage of the group. This will give you an idea of what to expect, how they keep their energy up etc.

Optional extras – Will you have live music during your ceremony? Some background music during your drinks reception? Can you add musicians to your band or take away members to suit the budget?

Public Liability Insurance – Check your company has PLI, as it would be a real shame for your venue to ask to see the certificate and the group not being able to provide one and be unable to play at your event.

Some other things to think about are lighting, sound limiters, fuel and accommodation costs (location dependant), deposits and payment arrangements.

Make sure your supplier is flexible and can mould itself to your big day. Don't be afraid to ask them for advice on evening timings and other parts of your celebration. Overall the most important thing is that you and your guests have fun, so take some time to pick a group that will have you dancing the night away!

Tom Wyman, The Rockets Collective

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