FAQs and expert advice about crèche services & babysitting

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Child's play

Child's play

Q. Although we have limited guest numbers, we still want the children
attending to be looked after ‒ what do you suggest?

A. Ella Dibb says: Even if you're planning a small wedding, it's important to take into consideration care and entertainment for your littlest guests. While really exciting and enjoyable, weddings can at times be long and overwhelming for children, so having childcare in place ensures that both parents and little ones alike can relax and enjoy the day!

Whether you only have one, two, three, or more children attending your intimate wedding, you may choose to hire a nanny or two to keep everyone happy and safe at all times, and allow yourselves/other guests and relatives to fully switch off. We always recommend setting aside a room/quieter space for little ones, kitted out with a few toys and crafts, allowing children a calm space to relax throughout the day. Your nannies can not only assist with nappy changes, mealtimes, playtimes, walks around your venue and all other daytime elements, but can also assist with bedtime and babysit into the evening, meaning you and your guests can party the night away without distraction!

While you may not require a full créche set-up, putting these simple steps in place ensures everyone, big and small, has a brilliant day.

Ella Dibb, Rose Nannies


We are family

We are family

Q. We have lots of children attending our wedding and are thinking of hiring childcare for them. What should we take into consideration before booking a company?

A. Ella Dibb says: Booking an event-childcare company is the perfect way to include little ones in your day, while also allowing the parents to relax and enjoy themselves. Think about the kind of package you require, as you may like to book an entire creche with a play set-up with multiple nannies if you have a larger group of children attending, or just the one nanny, if you only have one or two children requiring care.

You'll need to know the times you'd like childcare to begin and end on the day. Think about whether an extra pair of hands might be useful during preparations in the morning and if an evening service could help allow parents to party the night away.

Another important consideration is space. Your childcare providers will require a separate room at your venue to care for the children; the size of which will depend on the package you book and the number of little ones needing care. Block out a space early on, so the childcare company and venue can plan around this.

Event-childcare companies will offer various packages to support you and your little guests in the best possible way during your wedding day, ensuring little ones are safe and happy at all times.

Ella Dibb, Rose Event Nannies