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You're the one

You're the one

Q. My wife-to-be and I are thinking of hiring a celebrant, but there are so many to choose from. How do we find the right supplier for us?

A. Helen Noble says: It's a fantastic choice to have a celebrant as it means you're able to create and bring your style to the heart of the day. The ceremony is the reason everyone is there, so it's important to choose the right supplier. There will be a celebrant out there to suit everyone, so work out your style, energy or vibe. What feeling do you get from them? What's their energy? Do you like their style? Will they come to your chosen venue? What is your biggest worry about the ceremony, and do you feel that they could resolve that issue for you? Do your other suppliers know them? Even though the wedding industry is huge, the networking is incredible, and if a celebrant is being supported by other suppliers, that's always a good sign.

There are directories out there you could look at, and venues may have their own recommended list. Above all, the best way to find a celebrant is to pick up the phone and call them and see how they are there and then. It's all about live interaction. Of course, have a little noisy on their website and social media, but the most important thing is who they are as a person because that is what you're hiring. Try video calling, a phone call or meeting in person, and you will know within moments if they're the one for you.

Helen Noble, Helen Noble: Celebrant of Surrey


Love of my life

Love of my life

Q. How can a celebrant help us make the ceremony extra special?

A. Helen Noble says: The beauty and advantage of a celebrant-led wedding can be seen when this opportunity is truly utilised. A celebrant is your supplier. You choose them. People often don't realise you can choose the person to stand up with you on one of the most pivotal moments in your life. A celebrant is not a stranger in the room. You have hand-picked them to suit your style, vibe, partnership and feel of the day. There is a supplier out there to suit everyone. We are creative, romantic wordsmiths and will bring so much to the table that the hard part will be working out what not to use! There are ring warming ceremonies, rose ceremonies and cocktail ceremonies – the list is endless. With so many rituals available I would say the main thing, for me, that I think is extra special is that you have freedom of speech. We make your ceremony 100 per cent you. We help you find the words you want to say and the way you want to say them. Marriage is about giving your word. It's about a choice. A celebrant will enable you to say your words truthfully and beautifully with all your heart.

Helen Noble, Helen Noble Celebrant


The one for me

The one for me

Q. Our wedding planner has suggested we hire a celebrant for our big day, but we're not sure what the role of a celebrate is. Should we book one, and what are the benefits?

A. Barny Harrison says: Your wedding should be personal to both of you. The beauty of a celebrant-led service is that it's not governed by the same fixed script as a registrar. Remember your nuptials should be exciting, romantic, fun and creative. We can also incorporate any specific beliefs or particular traditions that you would like to include.

A celebrant-led wedding allows you to choose your venue, the people involved and the content for the service. Your options are endless when it comes to your venue. You could choose a luxury hotel, a sandy beach, your favourite pub or someone's back garden.

I meet my couples in advance to discuss their vision, whether it be a traditional, formal or casual service, I devote my time in getting to know them to ensure they love everything I write.

Barny Harrison, Impressive Ceremonies

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