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The one for me

The one for me

Q. Our wedding planner has suggested we hire a celebrant for our big day, but we're not sure what the role of a celebrate is. Should we book one, and what are the benefits?

A. Barny Harrison says: Your wedding should be personal to both of you. The beauty of a celebrant-led service is that it's not governed by the same fixed script as a registrar. Remember your nuptials should be exciting, romantic, fun and creative. We can also incorporate any specific beliefs or particular traditions that you would like to include.

A celebrant-led wedding allows you to choose your venue, the people involved and the content for the service. Your options are endless when it comes to your venue. You could choose a luxury hotel, a sandy beach, your favourite pub or someone's back garden.

I meet my couples in advance to discuss their vision, whether it be a traditional, formal or casual service, I devote my time in getting to know them to ensure they love everything I write.

Barny Harrison,Impressive Ceremonies


The little details

The little details

Q. We want a customised service and are thinking of booking a celebrant. Do you have any ideas of how we can make the day more personal?

A. Barny Harrison says: Hiring a celebrant offers complete flexibility when it comes to location and how you celebrate your big day. The service is tailored to you and is the perfect way of representing your personalities.

Your ceremony can include meaningful rituals from any culture, belief or religion and can be inter-faith, intercultural or same-sex. Before booking make sure your chosen supplier is qualified and insured.

The day can take place anywhere you want, such as the end of a pier, in the woods or your own garden. The service can be traditional or modern and there are lots of extras that can also be included from hand-fasting to sand ceremonies. Why not include your loved ones so they too can take part in your dream day?

Barny Harrison

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