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Time for love

Time for love

Q. We're thinking of hiring a wedding planner to help us create our dream wedding. What should we ask before booking?

A. Tutu Ojo says: Your wedding day is a beautiful occasion that should reflect your personalities, tastes and ultimately tell your love story. When hiring a wedding planner, ask them how they can support you to bring your vision to life and what creative ways they can contribute to help you celebrate your uniqueness as a couple?

Ask what packages they offer, how they work with other suppliers, how they approach the planning process, as well as what timelines they work to and their level of involvement.

It's also important to find out what measures they have in place for dealing with on-the-day logistics, especially in the case of unexpected eventualities and discuss any previous experience they have and references.

In a world full of wedding inspiration, it's easy to fall into the trap of having a day that is simply put, quite samey, so it's important to ensure your planner can collaborate with you and your partner to deliver the wedding of your dreams. They should help you make the best wedding decisions, managing your event with utmost attention to detail and throw a creative spin on elements of your day.

Tutu Ojo, Prime Violet Events


Let the fun begin!

Let the fun begin!

Q. My partner and I want something a bit different for our ceremony. Do you have any fun ideas that we can incorporate into our service?

A. Helen Noble says: Having an independent celebrant will enable you to do anything – that alone is a bit different as no rules apply! You will be free to design your ceremony exactly as you want. The fun thing I love to do is a toast ceremony. This might be a G&T ceremony, or a cocktail, or any tipple you like – I've even performed a tea and cider one! It brings everyone together in congratulating you ahead of walking down the aisle together. I make you a drink, we talk about what it symbolises for you, and you raise a glass to each other to wish you a happy marriage from there on in.

Another fun thing to do is to hide the rings! When I ask for the rings, no one knows who has them (apart from the best man and me). I ask them to all look under their chairs, and the lucky person who finds them has to shout Bingo! It's silly and leaves everyone grinning and giggling – it's so much fun.

Lastly, why not try a sing-along? Whack up the volume, throw in a great tune and the energy skyrockets! I've tried and tested a few, and honestly, the feel-good factor is out of this world. The Carpenter's On Top of the World is one you can't help but grin ear to ear with, and another more modern one is Don't Stop Believin' by Journey. Of course, what you pick will reflect who you are as a couple and what your values are.

Helen Noble, Helen Noble - Celebrant of Surrey


Planning SOS

Planning SOS

Q. Our summer wedding can't go ahead due to COVID-19, so we're planning to get married next Christmas instead. What should we ask our venue before changing our date?

A. Francesca Cribb says: Every venue will have a different approach to how they're handling wedding date changes, and as your contract lies with the venue, you will be guided by the experts on how and when you can alter your date. As you won't be the only couple in this situation, and with many weddings more than likely reserved for next year already, speaking to your wedding team directly, sooner rather than later, would be advisable. You might want to ask about flexibility for a date change if the current COVID-19 situation continues, or if you're keen to get married soon, you might wish to consider holding a more intimate ceremony now and book a larger reception later down the line when number restrictions have been lifted. Stay positive and remember why you chose your wedding venue in the first place. Although your big day might not take place on the date you originally chose, hopefully, you'll still be able to have your dream wedding at your chosen venue in the near future.

Here at Farnham Castle, we're doing everything we can to rearrange our couples dates to ensure when their wedding does take place, that it will be exactly as they've always dreamed. Venue teams work tirelessly to ensure that you and your guests have a truly magical experience and are left with incredible memories.

Francesca Cribb, Farnham Castle


Planned to perfection

Planned to perfection

Q. We're having a summer-themed wedding, but we're not sure how to style our venue. Do you have any suggestions?

A. Lauren Croker says: The nicest thing about summer is those balmy evenings. As an alternative to flowers, I'm a massive fan of balloons. They come in different shades and sizes and when done properly look amazing! The idea of a lounge where your guests can chill out will give you a glamorous beach-club vibe. You can tie the furniture colour into your balloons to really finish it off.

Palm & Leopard have launched a fizz wall. This allows guests to help themselves while also being a fab feature that would look great on Instagram. It can be customised with flowers to fit your colour scheme or perhaps mini balloons.

Lauren Croker, Styled by LC

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