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Making an entrance

Making an entrance

Q. What questions should we ask a vintage bus company before booking?

A. Richard Shirley says: When hiring a vintage bus, make sure that your supplier has an Operator's Licence. Anyone can own an old bus, but those who supply them commercially must operate within the government's strict licensing system. This gives you the confidence that there will be a competent transport manager making sure that the vehicles pass regular safety checks and that drivers are properly qualified. You can check your supplier has a licence at www.gov.uk but most reputable operators will provide a link from their own website.

Think about your chosen route and the practicalities of where to stop, pick up, set down, and turn around. Even a vintage bus will be around 30ft long, and it's surprising how often we get asked to go into a tiny space designed for cars! There can be other physical restrictions too, such as overhanging trees or a low railway bridge, which a single decker can get through, but taller coaches can't.

Meanwhile, don't forget that groups of people take longer to move around than a car full, and vintage buses travel at a more leisurely pace, so you can reduce stress on your special day by allowing extra time.

If your bus journey is short, it might be practical for the same bus to double back for a second trip: this can usually be done at a much lower cost than hiring two buses. Finally, bearing in mind that most vintage bus suppliers will have set aside their day and come out specially, you might be able to get added value by asking for a trip before the ceremony to bring people from a hotel or station. This could often be done for just the extra time and fuel, so it's always worth asking!

Richard Shirley, 1950’s Vintage Bus Hire


Arrive in style

Arrive in style

Q. How do we find the perfect transport company for our upcoming wedding?

A. Amanda Fleming says: The budget for your wedding car is an important factor when deciding which type of vehicle and company to go for. Prices differ depending on whether you're looking at classic, vintage, luxury or prestigious options. Some companies may impose a flat day rate, and others may charge based on the time and journeys required. Always check what's included, such as drinks, multiple pick-ups and photo stops. Some suppliers may include this as standard, and others may add these on as premium options.

Wedding dresses came in all shapes and sizes, so keep in mind that long trains and full skirts can take up lots of room in the back of the car. For dresses with excess material, you will need to consider a more spacious option with plenty of room in the back to accommodate your dress.

Work with a company you feel comfortable with, and that makes you feel relaxed and stress-free. Always check what's included in their service so your expectations will be met on the day and check reviews where possible. Ask if you can view the vehicle before you book, as this is a great way to ensure it's to your liking – not only in the way it looks but also in whether it will be suitably sized and comfortable.

It's good to have in mind a couple of options just in case your first choice doesn't fall within your budget or is not available for your wedding date. With all of this in mind, it's worth shopping around to find a car that matches your preferences and budget.

Amanda Fleming, K1 Classic Car Hire


Arrive in style

Arrive in style

Q. We're looking for wedding transport and feel overwhelmed by the amount of choice available. What should we ask before booking?

A. Stan Christofi says: Your wedding day should be one of the most memorable days of your life, and your transport should make you feel like a celebrity. We're finding that an increased number of couples are opting for classic Rolls Royces, which have that added wow factor and presence. When choosing a vehicle, it's always advisable where possible to physically view your preferred car as website images aren't always a true reflection of its condition. Try to book six to nine months in advance to avoid disappointment. A few questions you can ask your supplier are:

- What is provided within the service?
- Are the cars decorated with ribbons as part of the package?
- How long is the hire period?
- Are the drivers dressed in a chauffeur's uniform?
- Are there any additional charges from the price quoted?

Stan Christofi, Alpha Class Wedding Cars